What Personality you wear?

Fashion is contagious. Once the trend is out , you can see it everywhere. Whether it is the ripped jeans or shredded T-shirts, tassels and fringes or vertical stripes, they all have made a space in everybody’s wardrobe. But not many people have the likeness to adapt the style in vogue everytime. The reason can […]

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People on Sarahah App

Sarahah, which means honesty in Arabic is an anonymous messaging or commentary app getting a hit amongst youngsters these days. I personally don’t find it any different from ask.fm or sayat.me. But people are still gaga over it. Let me introduce you to the types of people on Sarahah I know. ( I am not […]

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Excited Nervous Perplexed, I was waiting for the sunset In a dark space with white dreamy curtains His hands reaching for my waist I slipped into his arms My hands started exploring the places on his body The touch of his lips on mine Oh! It was divine. I gasped, searched for my breath As […]

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To Valentine

I see a couple. An old couple. They sit on the same bench of the park daily. Every night till midnight. I see some beautiful old school romance. No, they don’t talk much. They pause. They feel. The silence. Silence of their love in cold chilly nights. Trees dancing, making the atmosphere more to their […]

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Where do I go? Where I want to go? What do I do? What I want to do? Believe what is visible? Or believe what is invisible? Trust thy Or trust myself? Go solo or go with you? Can I eat this Or I should eat that? Do I look fat Or I look thin? […]

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Take the first step

    So I was talking to one of my college friends about her plans for summer vacations. Since, it has become so hot in Delhi it is not possible to go out and have fun. And I am in no way a Mall person. She said ‘karna kya hai khaao, piyo aur sojao‘. I […]

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